Pioneering creator royalties

All Creators will receive continuous royalties on the sale of their content. - forever

Instant payouts

Get paid on-time, every time. By using Shush Club's native crypto, creators will no longer be subject to excessive processing times, fees, or lengthy undue holds.

Total Privacy

Unlike traditional content sites, fans can purchase content with shush club's native crypto to protect their personal data and avoid explicit charges on card statements.



Shush Club, currently in development, will pioneer a revolutionary infrastructure to support the rapidly-growing creator economy.

Shush Club offers a blockchain-powered alternative to contemporary content platforms and empowers Creators and Fans alike by providing access to profitable marketing and investment opportunities in a space that is: Secure, Efficient and Fair for All

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In 2021, $17.6 billion NFTs were traded on the open market - an increase of 21,000% from the previous year

In addition to hosting traditional media formats, Shush Club will offer Content Creators a seamless entry into this lucrative market through our intuitive and easily navigated Adult NFT Marketplace.

The Top 10 Creators account for 73% of all revenue.

Shush Club will empower smaller creators through…

Traffic Generation: Our marketing partners will offer their promotional services to creators in exchange for a percentage of their content revenue.

Direct Sales Commissions: Our retail partners will offer Creators the opportunity to sell their products through the platform in exchange for a commission.

Advertising Sales: Creators will have the opportunity to offer advertisement space on their pages for a percentage of revenue.

Referrals: Creators and Fans can introduce new Creators to the platform in exchange for a percentage of earnings.

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Core Team

James Hague

Picture of James Hague


James by profession is a chartered accountant. He has a wealth of experience in the vice sector including gaming and platform development through his work with industry leading transformation consultants.

Connor Boothroyd

Picture of Connor Boothroyd


Connor boasts a long and successful career in project management with several high-performing firms and has spent the last several years personally managing some of the uk's highest earning creators.

Poppy Evans

Picture of Poppy Evans

Creator support chief

Poppy has developed a strong passion for the income security of fellow creators. Her perspective ensures that all company decisionsare made in the best interests of creators.

Core Creator Partners


Picture of Amouranth

Brand Advisor

Currently the #1 earner on onlyfans, amouranth has decided to branch out from content creation and put her wealth of experience to work as an advisor to shush club's team and content creators while actively promoting the platform across social media.

No Chargebacks

A “chargeback” is what occurs when an individual successfully disputes a charge on a bank or credit card statement. Once the financial institution approves the dispute, a refund is issued using funds drawn from the seller’s bank account, often leaving Creators at a financial loss with no recourse. Shush leveraging both the $SHUSH token and the blockchain will remove this issue.

Instant Payouts

Due to the global nature of the Creator Economy, fiat payments can often be delayed due to local laws in addition to regulations and transfer processes from financial institutions. The $SHUSH token offers a safe and reliable means of ensuring that creators get paid on time, every time.

Unlimited earning opportunities

With a vast array of earning income opportunities such as Pay Per Reveal Messages, Custom Requests, Online Store, Digital Goods, 1 on 1 Chat, NFT’s Tips, content creators have the ability to reap the rewards. These revenue streams combined with the addition of passive income from advertising on the Shush Club platform, makes it an ideal home for content creators and fans alike.